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National History Day in Iowa 2016 Contest Dates 
*Entry fees vary between districts and are determined by the actual costs associated with hosting the contest. Costs for contests that charge no fees are covered by the hosting institution and/or additional sponsors.*

If an entry deadline is not specified, please check with the District Coordinator for details.  If you have general NHD in Iowa questions, please contact Vania Boland.

"Website Lockout Date" indicates the date on which students will not be able to make changes to their websites. 

Regional Cities

February 27 - Saturday :
Decorah Middle School, Decorah
Coordinator(s): Penny Ingles , Kady Korbel 

March 7 - Monday :

St. Ambrose University, Davenport
Coordinator(s): Jan Hill and Chris Green

March 12 - Saturday:

Storm Lake High School, Storm Lake
Coordinator(s): Laura Sievers and Priscilla Robinson

March 18, Friday:  

Old Capitol Museum and Schaeffer Hall - University of Iowa Campus, Iowa City
Coordinator(s): Kathrine Moermond 

March 19 - Saturday

Council Bluffs Public Library, Council Bluffs
Coordinator(s): Deb Masker 

March 23 - Wednesday

Western Iowa Technical College, Sioux City
Coordinator(s): Dr. Judy Sweetman

March 30 - Wednesday
Graceland University, Lamoni
Coordinator(s): Joe Stouffer

March 30 - Wednesday

Central College, Pella
Coordinator(s): Lori Witt 

March 31 - Thursday (Junior Division)
April 1  -  Friday (Senior Division)
Grout Museum District, Waterloo
Coordinator(s): Sara Nefzger and Emma Seehusen

April 1 - Friday
Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa
Coordinator(s): Lisa Sines and Doreen Underwood

April 2 - Saturday

Grand View University, Des Moines
Coordinator(s): Dr. Kevin Gannon 

April 8 - Friday

Waldorf College, Forest City
Coordinator(s): Prof. James Scarry, and Deb Nagle